WIPRA, another word for quality !


Dear visitors,
we are specialiced to supply you with the best quality for your appearance in the great world of music.
Our production is built on experience of more than forty years in production, engineering, design and
Many thanks also goes to our loyal customers who have over the years contributed enormously towards
the achievement of a first class product, perfect in design and functionality.
Handling, ergonomy and studiness are the main factors that influence our planning process, as well as
our final design in order to secure a safe stand for all your musical instruments.
We are gratefull for any suggestions you as a client might want to make. This will enable us, in return, to emprove our products to meet your needs.
For more information on WIPRA and our products contact us. We shall response directly!
Thank you for visiting our website,

faithfully Witus Prassek